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Hi Jit.
Are you ok?

This summer I made a trip with a friend from Barcelona back to Berlin (where I regularly live since 2004).
We did our trip in a caravan, like hippies, through France and Germany (and also Czech Republic, but just 2 days).
We were stopping at small villages, Collioure, Cahors, Blois, Tours, Saint Cyr la Poppie, the Black Forest and the Constanza Lake... Very beautiful.
In a small bookshop in Blois I found by chance a book written by Anne Wiazemsky. It costed only one euro (it was a second hand shop). Its title was (and is) JEUNE FILLE.
It´s a remembrance of the shooting of AU HASARD BALTHAZAR, film where she played the main role, Marie.
I devoured the book, not only because I love her (she was married to Godard, who fell in love with her after watching AU HASARD BALTHAZAR; she played in lots of Godard movies in the 70s, but also in Pasolini´s TEOREMA and in PORCILE; and also in another favourite of mine: Garrel´s L´ENFANT SECRET)... not only because I love her, but also because I´m very curious when it comes to a director´s methods. Especially in the case of Bresson, who is so unique.
The book offers a very close look to Bresson´s way of working, to his perfectionism, to his cruelty sometimes (he was tyrannic with Pierre Klossowski, who obeyed like a patient lamb; also with the "good guy" in love with Marie (Pierre?); he was in reality the brother of the actress who plays Jeanne in PICKPOCKET, and he was about to give up and go back home, so exhausted he was of Bresson´s ways).
Anne Wiazemsky also writes about Bresson´s erotical approaches; she suggests that he was attracted to young girls, being himself older than 60 ( I think); the truth is that all his actresses had a very special beauty. And his actors.
In general, I think he got always the sexiest casts!!
The book JEUNE FILLE is full of enjoyable anecdotes.
I was amazed that the original music for the film was Debussy´s DES PAS SUR LA NEIGE and not the Schubert Sonata. Bresson decided during the shooting not to put the Debussy.
But I adore since I was a youngster DES PAS SUR LA NEIGE, much before I knew who Bresson was.
And now this music is also the music that was thought for AU HASARD BALTHAZAR, but in the last minute, for unknown reasons, fell into silence:


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  1. I think this music would have fit very well with Bresson's films, because I think it is very minimal and sad. Or maybe Bresson didn't want to use it, because he doesn't want the music to guide the audience to feel sad.

    I don't know anything about Debussy, but I think it is interesting that his music is used in another feel-bad film: ALL ABOUT LILY CHOU-CHOU (Shunji Iwai).

  2. I just wrote something inspired by your post here. :-)